Under the big top excitement of the Universoul Circus, Corey Sully discusses the strength of community and that African Americans have one of the lowest numbers of registered donors. He registered with DKMS at a charity event and was later called as a match for a blood cancer patient. He donated, saved a life and became a hero. It was easy to do and just like the circus, good for the soul.

You also have the chance to save a total stranger like Corey. Register to be a bone marrow donor

Every 3 minutes an American is diagnosed with a blood cancer. We give them second chances at life by recruiting bone marrow donors.

DKMS donors save approximately 19 lives a day. Joining the bone marrow registry takes 60 seconds and a cheek swab.

Every day,

someone’s life is Saved by a

DKMS donor.

Bone marrow gives

Blood cancer patients

a Second chance at life

Heroes Wanted.

No experience required.

You swab.

We find a match.

You save a life.